Who You Are_STILL 4_4-3.jpeg

Is this is a short film or a series?

That’s a good question! Who’s asking?

But really, what’s the deal with your film?

Who You Are is a short series about three visionaries and an unfathomably explicit machine that also happens to give out the World’s Most Accurate Personality Quiz and is capable of reading your immortal soul. This purpose has become corrupted over time by capitalism.

Okay, and the computer talks?


So why does it print pictures? Why not like a paragraph or a blurb or something?

The machine used to give out small print-outs with an easy to understand graph and a small blurb. Lots of people found purpose and clarity with these readings. At some point, someone (we’re not saying who) came along and screwed it all up. We are all living with the repercussions.

Is the machine a commentary on technology?


Is technology bad?


Why does the computer speak with a man’s voice?

The long answer is in the same way that the male-dominated AI industry seeks out female voices for its virtual assistants because they find them soothing, subtly enforcing the patriarchy and acting out (potentially) unconscious biases, choosing a male voice to be shouted at feels (vaguely) subversive. The short answer is that we think Clayton Farris is funny.

The answer above is a bit of a cop-out, isn’t it?

Yeah, big time. Sorry.

What are you biggest influences?

Deadwood. It’s coming back!

Have you thought about making this more like Deadwood?

Do you think that would work?